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Zenfolio introduces PhotoRefine.ai, Artificial Intelligence that helps photographers sort, group and select photos.

MENLO PARK, CA – Zenfolio, the market leading website builder and business resource for photographers, is launching PhotoRefine.ai – a cutting-edge application that employs artificial intelligence (AI) to vastly

Zenfolio launches latest, future-forward platform in Europe

MENLO PARK, CA, – Zenfolio, the market leading website builder and business resource for photographers, today announced that its revolutionary new platform is now available in Europe. “We have been successfully s

Zenfolio adds self-fulfillment feature for photographers

MENLO PARK, CA – Zenfolio, the market leader in creative and business solutions for photographers, today announced a new self-fulfillment feature empowering creative professionals with the option to fulfill th


Zenfolio’s New PhotoRefine.ai Tool is Designed to Reduce Culling Time

Zenfolio has announced PhotoRefine.ai, a new application that employs artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce the amount of time photographers spend reviewing, sorting, grouping, and selecting images after a photo session.


Zenfolio Review: The Best Platform for a Photography Business?

Running a business isn’t easy, but there are platforms designed to ease your burden. Zenfolio is one such company, offering a slew of useful solutions for photographers. Including website-to-client galleries, storefronts, and marketing tools, Zenfolio aims to support your business aspirations as you navigate the photography industry.


Study Finds Photographers Believe the Industry is Returning to Normal

The pandemic hit photographers particularly hard as public get-togethers and events paused for the better part of two years. It appears now that things are improving, and a new study of 3,300 global photographers shows a majority of optimism.


Build Your Online Photography Portfolio Faster with Zenfolio

Looking for the best option to build your website or portfolio can be a daunting task with so many options out there. Are you looking for one to share your photos and videos, maybe book your clients directly online, a way to share proofs, sell prints and other products, or is there something else you need on your site?


zenfolio logo with tagline


Our logo.

One of the ‘O’s in Zenfolio will represent the ‘lens’ of the camera, but without resorting to the typical camera design cues we have seen on so many photographic logos. This will create a dynamic, ever-changing aesthetic that captures the energy of photography and takes you on a visual journey.

The ‘lens’ would reflect a mix of graphics, photography, colors and animation techniques when it is rolled into brand launch communications.

Logo guidelines.

  • Zenfolio curated artwork.
  • ‘O’ as ‘floating lens’ in three brand colors.
  • On white background, circles to be multiplied for transparent layered effect.

Logo safe space.

  • The safe space for the logo is a margin of the height of the “Z” around the logo‘O’ as ‘floating lens’ in three brand colors.
  • The margin is measured above and below the letters, ignoring ascenders and descenders in the “f” and “l”

Logo usage.

Logo and tag line.

zenfolio logo with tagline
  • The tag line to sit between ‘f’ and ‘o’.
  • Capitals only when sitting with logo.
  • Font: Nunito Sans Light.
  • Logo safe space still applies.

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